Custom Picture Frames

Our custom picture frames can be made for many items

If it can be framed, we can frame it!

Our custom picture frames can be used for Prints, water colours, photographs, sports shirts, medals, certificates, canvases, first day covers, record sleeves, anything else?

By bringing your item to us to be framed to our workshop we can go through all the options available to you.


Custom picture frame options

Wood or metal frames

Wooden frames come in different styles and finishes including Oak, Walnut, Ash and Cherry wood. We also have plain wooden frames that can be stained or painted to your desired finish.Further finishes are also available like waxing and matt or gloss options.

Tray Frames

Tray frames give a minimalist contemporary look. These are well suited to paintings on canvas or board and especially for large items.

Custom picture frames

We are your local specialist for Custom picture frames. It is important to choose the right frame that suits the item to be framed, bringing your item to our workshop will enable to marry up frames that work best with your item. This is what makes us stand out, we will take the time to make sure you get the right frame. The item will be measured accurately so the frame is made to fit correctly.


Many people might think glass is glass? But it isn't, glass is important and can affect the final look of your framed item. Some glass is less reflective than others, some more clear, we can go through all this with you in our workshop.

To simplify, Glass types is easier explained as:

Conservation Clear: this type of glass offers protection to your artwork by blocking out 99% of UV rays.

Reflection Control: offers UV protection and reduces the glare from direct sunlight.

Museum Glass: this type of glass is the highest quality of glass, suitable for valuable artwork.


Mountboard options include a wide selection of colours, sizes, shapes and types. For example if you have an item that is old and flimsy and needs preserving using museum standard mountboard will help preserve it.

Box frames

Box frames are used for large bulky options. Box frames often have a support that makes the item stay in place without with no visible attachment. So it gives the appearance of displaying perfectly in its place and can be coupled with very clear non reflective glass to give the perfect display.

Float Mounting

Float mounting means your artwork, print, photograph or painting is suspended inside the picture frame. Float mounted items raw edges are visible as compared to standard mounting, which means the
mount covers the edges.So when you look at it from any angle, you cannot see anything which fixes it in position, it provides an interesting effect which shows the whole of the artwork.

Most items can be float mounted and is often used for Certificates and other important documents along with Watercolour paintings which look great. The effect of making the item looking like its floating within the frame is a lovely effect for any artwork or print that you have.