Sports shirt framing

Sports shirts & general sports memorabilia framed to a style to match your home, office or workspace

Our framing services started from having a need for framing my own artwork and the love of sports shirts and sports memorabilia.

If you have a sports shirt or some sports memorabilia you can either lock it away for no one to see or you can hang your pride of joy in your home, office or workspace.

Having it framed will also protect it and make sure it stays pristine for years to come.

Sports shirt framing - so what do you do?

Do you try to do it yourself and buy frames online, or do you get an expert to do it for you?

We at Taylor Made Picture Framing will turn your sports shirt or memorabilia into a work of art.

Sports shirt framing - it's our passion that sets us apart

We think being an enthusiast for sports shirts framing we go that extra mile for our customers. Why wouldn't we when we see the joy it gives to people and the thanks we get in return.

The process in getting that perfect sports shirt framed is made easier when you use us.


Sports shirt framing - it's made easier with us

Here are our 3 steps with us

Step 1

Choosing Your Frame

Come and visit us at our workshop ideally with your item that needs framing and we will help you to choose from all the frames available.

Step 2

Choosing Your Mount

With our expert advice we can help you choose a mount. A mount can really set off your artwork and also help to protect it so having someone like us to advise you is of a great benefit.

Step 3

Choosing Your Glass

There are different types of glass (conservation clear, reflection control and museum glass) and depending on the type of artwork you have and where it will be hung will depend on which type of glass we will recommend.

Again by visiting us at our workshop makes the process easier.

Our custom framing service

  • Football Shirts Framing
  • Football Boots
  • Motorsport Teams Shirts & Race Suits
  • Rugby Shirts
  • Cricket Shirts, Pads & Balls
  • Boxing Trunks & Boxing Gloves
  • Running Tops
  • Skiing Clothing

Expert Help & Advice

Our framing service is a totally custom one so you can be assured you will get our expert help and advice at all time.

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